Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why not?

As this blog has become a clearinghouse of humiliation for me, I figured I would add to your already colorful picture of my exciting life. Often, I detail my new interests or addictions and read the responses that these confessions elicit. Today is no different. My new addiction?

Super Nintendo. Yep. No, I didn't get in my time machine and travel back to 1991. I just happened to have one laying around my closet and pulled it out for sh*ts and giggles. That was a month ago. I have tried to keep my secret hidden, but I am tired of leading this double life. It is time I admitted I have a problem. I love Super Mario World and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS. Well, that's not really true, but if I keep saying it to myself maybe I'll believe it. You really can't blame me because there is no cable hook-up in my bedroom, but I have a t.v. in there. I have to do something with the television and this is more practical than drilling holes in walls and running an additional cable line to my bedroom. Plus, I have a touch of insomnia and I'm not supposed to watch television in bed. I don't think playing video games counts.

It's official. I'm a pre-adolescent boy. Could this be rock bottom?



Peyton said...

Nintendo is cool, I don't know why you are embarrassed. Does it have tetris? Tetris is by far my favorite game.

littlelai said...

No way Katie!! Ted and I are hooked on Dr. Mario. Its like tetris but better I think. You should check it out! Can you still rent SUPER nintendo from blockbuster?

katie g. said...

Nah, all I've got is Super Mario World, some stupid baseball game, and a racing game. I wonder where I could score some more games? I don't think Blockbuster still rents them. I imagine there isn't much demand these days.

Lyda, I loved Dr. Mario back in the day. I think my new project will be to find games for my addiction.

Peyton said...

Try ebay... you can find anything on ebay

BabyMakes3 said...

i got totally hooked on ssx tricky on ps2 a couple of years ago. i probably still would be if i hadn't had to return the ps2 when i broke up with the loser who owned it.

crazycatlady said...

I actually have the original Super Mario Brothers game for my is awesome. I totally understand.