Saturday, December 29, 2007

Word to the wise

I saw William Sledd profiled on 20/20 and decided to share a clip from YouTube. I know most of the people who read this so I'm not worried about y'all, but for those of you that might have questions...take heed.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who knew?

Now I don't want to go home. I have put off leaving twice, but I absolutely have to return on Saturday. I guess I am just not interested in getting back to real life. Good things are not waiting for me, so why would I want to going back? I like have no responsibilities here. Although it is annoying having to deal with my dad's nagging, I can put up with it. Oh well. I suppose I will post once I am back in Bham. Whenever that may be. :(

Friday, December 21, 2007

Home For the Holidays...

Ahhh. Every year I look forward to coming home and celebrating my favorite holiday of the year. Typically by the end of the first day I am home (I might note that it is not a full day) I am ready to get back to Bham. My father and I clash repeatedly. Tonight I received the most troubling news...that my father and I are very much alike. What?!! My Republican, right wing conservative papa and I are alike? Wow. The reason I find it so disturbing? Because I know it's true. Sadly, we are alike we just have very different beliefs and we feel very strongly about them. He hates Colorado. I hate West Virginia. He hates Nancy Pelosi. I hate any number of Republican dumbf*cks. He hates Christmas. I love Christmas (as much as he hates it). My father. Myself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Should have stayed in bed

A change is a comin.'

Monday was one of those days where all things that could go wrong did go wrong. Am I going to rehash it for you folks? Nope. I'm moving past that.

Christmas is a week from today. I am promising myself not to get caught up in the same ol' b.s. at home. I am going to do what I want when I want and ignore the bah-humbug mumblings of Kenny G. He will not steal the Christmas spirit. Even if I have to lock him in a closet and throw away the key.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Picture Post

Sorry some of these pictures are turned to the side, I couldn't get them to rotate. I would like to note that the first tree is the teeny tiny one that the roommie had in her bathroom and adorned with 180 lights - that could be controlled by a remote. I. Sh*t. You. Not.

Notice the fireplace? No, our apartment doesn't have one with a little collaboration from me, the roommie created it!! I say it is made of love since the three boxes we used to put it together are weighted with close to 100 romance novels.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Christmas Party was a success! We ate delicious food, played charades again and generally had a fabulous time. The trees (six in all) looked fabulous and we just enjoyed hanging out with everyone that came. That's the beauty of good friends, right? I am going to post pictures of the decorations in the next couple of days. I am pretty sure they will inspire you to do great things this holiday season. Oh, and best charades clue this time around? That would have to be KY Jelly. Our team cheated and used it as a clue (you're really supposed to confine it to Movie, Book, Song, or TV titles) and it was totally worth it.

As for the Teddy complaint...I spoke with the leasing agent and she said that the person was not really implying that I mistreat him (which I think is B.S. b/c saying that I don't walk my dog would be saying I don't take care of him properly). I still think it's creepy that someone has been watching me, but the truth is - I couldn't give a flying f*ck what this person thinks of me. I know the truth and so does anyone who's opinion I value.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fed up.

It has been a stressful few weeks...and if you are keeping track I would say it has been a stressful few MONTHS. I just got a letter from the apartment complex citing complaints about how I treat my dog. Yes, Teddy. The prince of apartment 8. I will readily admit that I stand in the doorway and let him pee in the mornings and at night. That is addressed in the letter. Fine. I won't do that anymore. Not a big deal. The big deal is that the letter goes on to say that I don't walk my dog. As in ever. WTF? I am so angry right now that I could tell pretty much anyone who gets in my way to just fuck off. I dare anyone to come to my house and see how my dog lives. He is a happy dog that has plenty of attention and that I actually walk him. It is impossible to have a dog and not walk them unless you have a doggy door and a fenced in back yard. I hope that whoever this (or these as the case may be) person is continues to enjoy such a blessed life. I feel it must be blessed that they don't have any real problems and have enough time to watch me and study how I treat my dog. I could go on and on, but it would be redundant. I am going to talk to the leasing agent tomorrow and straighten this out. I should bring Teddy by so they can see how abused he is.

Monday, December 03, 2007

It comes in threes

Isn't that what they say about death? Peyton's dad passed away the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My cousin Julie passed away Saturday. And my best friend from home lost her grandmother this morning. No more. Not one more person. Does everyone hear me? Be careful out there.