Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Irrationally hurt feelings: Rectified

I got a call from my dad today and he said that his company is flying him down to the national meeting for some retirement parties and a mini vacation. His boss asked if he wanted to take anyone and he is taking me! Yippee! I get to go to the beach in August. Sure it will be hot as _____ (fill in the blank), but I am still excited. This is way better than a couple of festivities up in Nashville (athough it would have been nice to attend). Ahhh, sunning myself and being catered to on the beach. Somebody is about to get serious about Weight Watchers. Tubby ain't going to the beach.


Belle of Madison said...

Yay!!! That's much better than a stuffy old wine and cheese party! :)

And by the way, since I've been watching Big Love, the proper way to fill in the blank would be "hot as H."

(He's going to burn in H, etc.)

littlelai said...

Whoo-Hoo!! Nothing better than being on the company dime!

Peyton said...

So cool! I just got really serious with WW again and I have already lost 3 pounds... Now is the time... think about our trips to the beach, being bridesmaids in weddings, and our 10th year class reunion... I am on a mission.

Oh, by the way, If you need a friend to accompany you and your dad to the beach, uhhrrmmhhmm, then you know who to call, hhhrrmmmhhmmmm. (just kidding- or am I?)