Sunday, May 07, 2006

Movie List

I need suggestions. One of my friends has been seriously movie deprived over the past few years due to various reasons. She likes movies, but her crazy work schedule has made it difficult to watch movies with any kind of consistency. We had a conversation about this not too long ago and I will explain how bad the problem is:

The last movie she saw in the theater was Mystic River
She really enjoyed Chicago (that's the only other recent movie she could remember seeing)

That's it, people. That is all she could give me when I asked what the latest movie she saw. Apparently 2003 was a big year for her. This is what I want from ya'll: give me at least three movie suggestions that you think someone would like. She's pretty girly and a crier, so chick flicks are good and she also has taste so Oscar noms. are good. Anything. My first picks are coming directly from my personal collection:

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Under the Tuscan Sun
Gidget (all of them)

I'm compiling a summer "reading" list of sorts for her so I will include all suggestions.


Belle of Madison said...

1. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (plus the first one if she hasn't seen it)

2. Wedding Crashers

3. Anchorman

You'll notice that none of my picks are all that recent. It's been a while since I've seen a really good movie. My boyfriend and I have very different taste in movies. Interestly, though, I really enjoyed Underworld: Evolution. You have to watch the original first.

K8E said...

1. The Family Stone

2. Pride and Prejudice

3. Love Actually

I have a thing for ensemble casts.

Peyton said...

I can't limit it to 3, so here you go...

Match Point
Pride & Prejudice (if you can get past all of Kiera Knightly'
s pouting)
Finding Neverland
Starsky and Hutch
13 going on 30 (I know)
40 Year-Old Virgin
Oh, and you all know, I love Bridget Jones' Diary

Lora Leigh said...

-The Sweetest Thing
very funny, very girly
-The Notebook
sweet, sappy at the end
strangely amuzing, yet girly
-Walk the Line
music, plus history

Peyton said...

I love The Sweetest Thing! It is so funny! Katie, you should put that one on the top of the list.