Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is funny

I know that I post stuff from YouTube periodically, but I actually saw this orginally on Larry King and was quite happy to see that someone else must have found it as funny as I did. To catch you up, this is video taken from Larry King Live last night about aliens. I have watched it several times (I tivo'd it) and I laugh and laugh. The roommie is also a fan. The good stuff starts around the 53rd second. I hope you think it is as hilarious as I did...

Monday, May 26, 2008

12 quirks...

I decided that since I got tagged twice - once Lydia and once by Angela, I would go ahead and list 12 sorta short quirks/little know facts. I hope they're not too boring...

1. To make a sandwich the bread must match up. I want all sides to match and the mayo needs to be spread evenly all over the bread. Think of it like wall-to-wall carpeting, it must go up to all edges.

2. I'm scared of pool drains. I don't even like to swim over them. They literally give me the willies.

3. Although most people who know me casually would not believe it, I can cry all the time. I think the ASPCA commercials for homeless dogs is just about the most heart wrenching out there.

4. I can tell you how old most celebrities are. I'm not sure why, but is just an odd talent.

5. I can wiggle my ears

6. I read an average of 4 books a week. I would say I easily read 200 books a year.

7. I love true crime shows. I am fascinated, yet repelled by evil in the world.

8. If you have spent the night at my house, I have probably checked to see if you are breathing.

9. I get my feelings hurt a lot. I rarely say anything and just try to get over it.

10. I am more nostalgic, hopeful, loving, and traditional than even my closest friends probably realize - I just don't show it because I am afraid of being rejected or laughed at.

11. I was very unpopular until the age of 13. Up to that point I only had two friends. To this day I am grateful for all of the friendships I have.

12. I love biographies. I love reading about people's lives and the times they lived in. (I am currently watching a PBS bio on Harry and Bess Truman)

I tag...

Peyton (you should post a blog, it's been a while)
Roach (I guess you could list them in the comments...)

List 6 quirks about yourself
Tag some people to do it too
There are some other rules, but I forgot what they were...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just a note

I got tagged by Lydia to list quirks about myself, but I'm going to wait until after Memorial Day to do it. Try to hold out until then...harhar.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a note

Although the people who read this blog (all three of you) most likely don't do this, I feel it is my duty to society to advise against this...

When one is thinking one should keep one's mouth shut. When it is hanging wide open it just doesn't make one look that smart. It makes ya look like a dumbass.

I hope someone has stumbled upon this blog today and will keep their mouth shut in the future.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back from the beach...

Several friends and I headed down to Gulf Shores this weekend. We left around midnight Friday night and got back Monday night. It was a quick trip, but a little something to calm me before the craziness of Summer Reading. I called work today to check in and see how things were going and I just shouldn't have done it. Seriously, why did I call in? It's not going to make me feel any better. I'm not going to be able to fix anything and all it does is make me feel guilty about not being at work. Literally, I took 2 vacation days and I feel guilty. It's ridiculous. I hate the summer. That is one thing about being a children's librarian in a public library - you lose your summer. You learn to dread it and I all think about is summers of days gone by. Why didn't I appreciate summers off? I'm going to have to wait until I'm 65 to have another summer off.

If you can't tell, I seem to be suffering from vacation blues.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just 'cause

I was asked to make out a list of the 10 books that I would want to have with me if I was stranded on a desert island. I decided to share them with you. You're welcome...haha

A little note about my picks: if you are looking for a list of books that expand the mind and make you think, then this isn’t the list for you. If I’m stuck on a desert island, then I want to have some great books to take my mind off of my plight.

Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard (she is from Gadsden, AL)
Not exactly upping the ante intellectually, but it is a great story packed with a little bit of tragedy, alpha masculinity and just a great romantic story. I have probably re-read this book at least 100 times.

Beach Music by Pat Conroy
Pat Conroy is a great southern author who is capable of highlighting the beauty and flaws of the region.

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
The love story is hot and the plot is quick - great book to read when whiling away your time on an island.

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris
His brother, Rooster, is an outrageous riot and whose outlook on life is nothing if not unique. Don’t miss “Rooster at the Hitchin’ Post.”

Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock
This is a Young Adult novel, but it is one of the most heartwarming books you will read.

Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard
I read this book about 12 years ago and it was my first Howard novel and I continue to re-read it periodically.

Harry Potter and the…(fill in the blank here); books 1-7
Considering you must read all the books to find out what happens, I have decided to only count it as one.

Corbin’s Fancy by Linda Lael Miller
This is a light-hearted book that features the classic clash of a hard-headed woman and hard-headed man.

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
This Young Adult apocalyptic thriller will surely take your mind off of your desolate desert island.

Once in Paris by Diana Palmer
I own all of her books (well over 100 and counting) and this is probably favorite. It’s on my re-reading shelf.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like Manna from Heaven

The roommie won another prize!! This time it is something way cooler than a gift card. She won an Amp/Mountain Dew mini-fridge! That's not all...Amp is a primary sponsor of Dale Jr's car and the fridge is decorated with all Dale Jr. and #88 stuff (that's his number). We are going to put it in the living room. No need to get up for a beer anymore. Tears are literally in my eyes as I type this. I love sweepstakes!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Does anyone

watch The Soup on E!? Joel McHale is hilarious and his observations of the stupidity of celebrities is awesome. If you don't watch it, give it a try.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The last sign you're a loser....

I would say the first, but let's face it when you reach this level, it's clearly the bottom of the barrel.

It's Friday night/Saturday morning and I am enjoying a Tivo marathon. That's not bad enough, you wonder what has brought on this tivo watching? Well, I've upgraded from the old tivo and I need to clear it out before I hook up the new one.

I'm going from a regular tivo that records only one program at once to a dual tuner. I can now record two programs at once! I am amazed by technology. I have no idea how it works, but I love it! This really fits into my First Waver Theory. No Cable, No air conditioning, no beer = Katie a shell of her former self.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Screw growing old gracefully

I just watched the Oprah show with Tina Turner and Cher. Whether or not you are a fan of either of these ladies, they sure have turned the notion of getting older on its head. Tina Turner is 68 years old and still has a killer pair of legs. I swear that woman has sold her soul to the devil and it was worth it. Cher ain't half bad herself and she looked quite good in her red mini-dress (although the red boots she was weraring weren't my favorites...) So, as I was saying they are a testament to how good women can look as they age. It is so unfair how men seem to get better looking and women start looking like dried up prunes. I've decided to include a YouTube video of a classic Tina performance...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

From my blog to....

The draught is over!! The roommie won something! Her boyfriend called while she was at work today and said that several people he knows (his mom for one) had gotten gift cards in the mail from a phone in contest and he wanted me to check the mailbox. I checked and there was an envelope and I could feel a gift card inside (I didn't open it). Yay! This is just the beginning. Trips, cash, cars!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The sweeper within

So, there's been a bit of a trend happening at the G-Unit Mansion. The roommie has become a "sweeper." Do you know what this is? It is someone that enters sweepstakes and other contests for fabulous trips and other prizes. Part of this was inspired by her bf's mom. So, I guess you want to know what she's won, right?


When this first started she was entering some big ticket contests, but after the draught I believe she is down to t-shirts, cups, and butter. Seriously, it was just a mail in rebate for Land O' Lakes finest, but I think she'll take anything at this point. I am quite supportive of the new hobby 'cause I hope that if she wins some awesome trip for a group of her friends I will be included. How messed up would that be if she won an awesome trip (not for two - obviously, she would take the bf...) and then had me stay behind to take care of Bad Kitty? So wrong.

Fingers crossed, people. There are some sweet NASCAR prize packages...