Sunday, May 21, 2006

It was never broken

Teddy here again. I thought I would take on a subject that is often taboo in the pet world and needs to be out in the open: Spaying and Neutering.

I was once a whole man. Up until the 6th month of my life, I humped what I wanted and thought nothing of it. Then came that cold November day when I was changed forever. She (Katie) told her friends I was being "fixed." Fixed?! Excuse me? I will have you know that there was nothing wrong with me to begin with. Saying that I was being fixed was misleading and inaccurate. For the week before "the incident" I kept hearing her use the term and I figured she was bringing me in for some minor corrective plastic surgery. I have always found myself disarmingly handsome, but nobody's perfect so I was game. Little did I know that after I came out of the anestesia I would be missing two of my most favorite things. Later I found out that the Teddy G. line would not be extended. I would have no heirs to inherit my stuffed animal and chew toy collection. I've never been able to look at Katie the same since she came to pick me up and I am currently working on forgiving her with my therapist. We'll see. I'm not a miracle worker.


Wendy said...

I think your book should be from the dogs perspective

Anonymous said...

i feel ted's pain... well not really feel it... since i do in fact have both my boys!