Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sad news

I found out that one of my friends from childhood lost her husband in Iraq this past week. He leaves behind a loving wife and young daughter, not to mention the rest of his friends and family. This war has seemed so distant for me and this just brings everything into sharp perspective. I may not agree with the reasons that this country became involved in this war or why it continues to be involved, but I wholeheartedly support our soldiers. They are doing a job that most of us would not ever want to do and they have my utmost respect for that. I am extending a thank you to anyone who has ever served in a war, in particular this one, and I believe that everyone should too.


Peyton said...

exhnnfThat is really sad.

Peyton said...

oops, that was my word verification in front of my comment.

littlelai said...

You know my stance on supporting the troops...give your friend my love.