Saturday, May 20, 2006

It happens

Filed under my ever increasing heading of "move on, already!" is the Britney Spears "stumble." You would think that she had some sort of baby sacrificing ritual broadcast on cable. She stumbled, she held onto the kid, end of story. Sure, she could have worn a little less white-trashy outfit or higher pants to prevent the showing of her booty. Otherwise, this is just ridiculous. I think most people have a story about when they were babies and something dangerous happened or a close call. I am no Britney apologist, but give the girl a break (she's already suffering as the wife of a man that seriously uses words such as "Yo" and "Off 'da hook" when referring to his own talent).

1 comment:

littlelai said...

I'm almost at the point of feeling sorry for her. Then I remember that she is rich and famous for singing in a studio and then having a machine make her sound good. So fuck her.

She does have a shitty shitty husband though!!