Monday, May 15, 2006

Library Parties

So, I mentioned that I would detail the events of the library party from Saturday night and that is what this post is about. First, you need to read Wendy's post about the party - click to your right on "Wendy's blog" and read her take on it. Okay, ready?

I was a little reluctant to attend this function partially because it was a graduation party (I graduated four months ago in December) and partially because I don't usually hang out with the library crowd (no dis, just the truth). Wendy and I got there and the party was not "rockin'" per se, but it had a bit of potential. Some of the music was good and some of it was...interesting. As Wendy mentioned, some of the invitees were not the first people I would have invited to a soiree. I had approximately a cracker to eat and six beers in quick sucession. I was a bit plowed. Dancing ensued. Lip-synching followed. To "Proud Mary" by Ike and Tina. I was Tina. Wendy was one of the background dancers along with another library graduate. People, aside from the "backup dancers" I was alone. It was a good moment, a proud moment. Very dignified. Certainly befitting a double Master's graduate. Library folk ain't so bad afterall. They didn't call the police on my drunk ass.

I'm awaiting a letter from the University of Alabama confiscating my degrees.

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littlelai said...

tough imagining you there...AT ALL!!! But I'm glad you had fun!!!! Hope all is well!