Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some shows should know better

For those of you that watch Grey's Anatomy and are southerners or met people from the south should have been extremely offended by the portrayal of the "hicks" on tonight's episode. If I heard one more "Daaaaaadeeeee" and "Maaaaawmaaaw" from the lips of the "hick" daughter I was going to scream. I must mention that one of my favorite actors was a guest star (the guy that hit the "hick" family) on the episode: John Cho (Harold from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle). Aside from that, the episode gets a thumbs down for stereotypical portrayals.


Belle of Madison said...

I don't even watch it any more, so I missed that lovely portrayal. But I wrote about something similar last week.

Peyton said...

I haven't been watching it for the past few weeks, but last night I actually did... that was a mistake. I used to like it so much, but frankly the characters are kind of getting on my nerves (I think it is the writing that gets on my nerves worse than the character portrayals.) Meredith is the most annoying out of the whole bunch. If they don't make some changes I have a feeling that the show is going to be a distant memory.

Oh, and yes I did get offended at the "hicks." Can we say overdone?

Avery's mom said...

hello new friend. I thought i recognized the Budwieser profile from sumwhere :) thanks for commenting and feel free to do so anytime.

and as far as being offended by over portrayal of Southern Hicks.....dont be mad. its simply poor acting/directing. but then I also dont consider myself to be a Hick, maybe white trash but definately not a country hick lol