Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And the letter for today is "D"

I was tagged in a letter game by Cat (see link to right) and I have to name ten things that begin with the letter "D" and provide a brief definition. Here goes:
1. Dale Earnhardt, Jr: (see hot picture) talented and comely NASCAR driver. He is "my" driver in the series and I will some day be his wife. Former Busch Series champion, future Nextel Cup Series Champion. Son of the later great Dale Earnhardt. He has various nicknames, the most popular being "Little E" or just "Junior." Feel free to use either and pretend you are in the know.
2. Dale Earnhardt: (see picture above) highly competitive NASCAR driver who is considered one of the "greats" and was known as "The Intimidator" for his no holds barred driving style on the track. Father of four children including Dale, Jr. Died tragically on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001 and he has since been elevated to something close a mythical figure since his passing.
3. 'Dega (as in Talladega - so, I cheated): Nickname for the Talladega Super Speedway, the longest track on the NASCAR circuit. Located just an hour and a half Northeast of Birmingham, it is one of the most exciting and dangerous tracks. Currently, I have been to six races at this particular track and look forward to many more. Races are typically held on the last weekend of April and the second weekend of October.
4. Daddy: my dad is a hard working, caring guy who is ultra-conservative and loves to push my political buttons. He has been employed by the same company for the past 32 years and will be retiring in a matter of months. Interests - LSU football, movies, diet coke, his kids, yelling at the computer, yelling at Democrats, his dog.
5. Donuts: mmmm-mmmm Krispy Kreme. The best donuts of all. These little round breakfast (or all day) foods are delightful and eventually cardiac arrest inducing. They can come in all sorts of fantastic flavors and with different kind of yummy toppings. Best when served fresh and hot (luckily, KK has a sign that flashes when this happens)>
6. Dogs: particularly Teddy. The best dog in the entire world, although he is spoiled beyond belief. Tricks: only knows how to sit occasionally and react insanely to the word "treat" or "outside." He brings lots of joy to my life and has been known to cheer me up on a regular basis. He is a handsome fellow that knows it. Just the kind of guy you would hate to date, but a great quality in a pet.
7. Diana Palmer: author of over 100 romance novels and I have read probably about 95% of them. Despite the fact that her books are hokey and stereotypical I just can't seem to resist reading them. Next book release, July 2006 (and yes, I will own it soon after).
8. Dodgeball: An awfully violent childhood game and a hilarious movie starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. If you haven't seen this movie you need to go out and buy it and proceed to laugh your a** off.
9. Davy Jones: (see picture above) lead singer of the original boy band The Monkees. He set teenage hearts a pitter-pattering during the early 70s. Marsha on The Brady Bunch even arrange for him to perform at one of her school dances. He has since pimped himself out to promote greatest hits collections from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He is approximately 4'9" and could fit in my pocket. He also rocked a mighty fine bowl-cut.
10. Drinking/Drunk: One of my favorite ways to pass the time. I enjoy a cold brew (preferably Bud Light) and can go for a gin and tonic now and then (double lime - please). Drunk is a way I have been many a time and have done some very memorable things while in this state. So proud.


Avery's mom said...

you have memorable times when youre drunk? most of the time when I have been drinking, I regret some of the things I say or its not really all that memorable.

katie g. said...

true 'dat. I think it's more a case of people telling me about my memorable experiences.

Avery's mom said...

ok, so you probably dont remember the crazy comment you left me the other night. it was kinda embarassing so i went ahead and erased it. :)