Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm a little too stoked about

Grey's Anatomy tonight. Two whole hours (well, an hour and a half not counting commercials) and hopefully everyone I really love on the show will still be around for next season. I don't really have much to discuss right now aside from the library school party I went to on Saturday night, but that is going to require some serious computer time to properly set the scene. I am not watching Grey's until after it's over b/c I am working a double right now. I have to head back to the front desk so my computer time is at an end for tonight. Catch ya'll tomorrow.

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Brandi said...

hey katie. i am a friend of wendy's. anyway, i loooove grey's. i watched the 2hr special. oh my god! it hurts to wait til next season. just thought i would share.