Friday, February 29, 2008

Mid-vacay breakdown

Not much to really update, but I felt like writing. I took my car to get the emissions checked (required in the great state of Tennessee) and while waiting in the long line - it was two days before the end of the month so I should have expected it - I cleaned my sh*t hole of a vehicle. I haven't cleaned it in months...perhaps a year and it needed it. Dropped the car off at the Honda place and got a tune up and had them fix a few things on it. It rained all day today so I didn't do much, although dad and I went to this diner located inside of a Harley-Davidson store and it was awesome. Strange, but awesome. We had shrimp etoufee tonight and it was also delicious. My brother, sister-in-law, and I played Life (I guess it's a new trend?) and I lost. Coni won, but I have my suspicions that she was cheating. I have no proof, but I lost so it seems probable in my mind. Tomorrow I plan on hanging out with an old friend and her kids - my godchildren :)

BTW, The Tenth Circle was great. I started it late Wednesday night/Thursday morning and finished the last of it today. I would recommend it. Now, I have to find something else to read because I didn't bring anything else so that I would be forced to read my book. Hmmmm. I'll probably just read something I have stashed away in the house.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heading to the Homeland

I'm leaving tomorrow to chill at home for a few days. I am trying to use up my vacation time that I have accrued. I plan on laying in bed and reading Jodi Pioult's The Tenth Circle - the next book club pick. I hear it's a hard book to read (emotionally), but worth it. I'll let you know.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A couple of other shots

Fabbi is fascinated with Teddy's food, which is not a very popular development with The Prince. She doesn't want to eat it, just lick it and bat it around a little. I tried to get them closer, but this might give you a better perspective of Fabbi's size.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Addition to the family....

Presenting Fabbi (sounds like shabby) Louise G. (roommies kitten). I have decided to call her Bad Kitty or BK for short. She is a handful to say the least. I included the picture of Teddy because he's cute and I don't want him to feel left out. I would say he is tolerating her presence for the most part. Sometimes he even plays with her, but when she tries to eat his food he becomes a little less congenial. We have had her for about a week and a half and she has just settled right in. The roommie and I both have scratches from her very sharp nails and we have to close our doors at night so that the "cat that never sleeps" can roam and leave us in peace. Oh, and in case you are wondering, we have cleaned most of the house of Christmas stuff, aside from a few trees :). Fabbi will fit right in because she loves the holiday season like we do. Right now she is batting around several of the ornaments. Well, enjoy the pics, I am going to go apply some neosporin to my wounds.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You don't have to be friends

As with most people, I am a study in contradictions. Although it is an unattractive quality, I rarely like someone on the first meeting. I guess first impressions are important for most people, but I tend to need a couple of meetings to figure out if I like someone or not. I have recently come across someone that I am going to be spending a fair amount of time with and I don't like them. I just don't. I really wish I did, but I just don't. This is really hard for me because I wanted us to be friends. It is disappointing and irritating. This person and I just don't "gel." We think differently about most everything, I guess. I say this because trying to find out any personal information or anything below the surface has been more than difficult. Maybe I feel a little rejected, but I also feel a little superior (that is not a very nice thing to say, but I'm trying be real here). I guess I think they're boring and I'm there!

As you might have picked up, I am being vague on purpose. Several of you know who this is referring to.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Still sick

I started getting sick on Monday, very sore throat on Tuesday, doctor and shots on Wednesday, laying around the house on Thursday, back to work on Friday. You know what? I felt worse today than I did any of the other days. I'm stopped up, my chest is congested, my throat still hurts (and I've got a great porn star voice to go with it), I've got a headache. Can I complain more? sorry.

I am going to be well by Sunday. I need to be in peak physical condition for the running of the 50th Daytona 500. I have bar food and beer to eat and drink.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Schmalentine's

No bitter post here, folks. Just a note that that single people (myself included) must feel like a Jewish person at Christmas. The holiday just doesn't apply to everyone. Trust me, it doesn't count when your dad wishes you a "happy" Valentine's day. eh.

I'm thinking of converting for next year. I've decided that I am just going to have to buckle down in the relationship department. Maybe I should treat it like an assignment for school. I was always good at finishing things on time. So I guess that's it. I will check this post next year and update. Hmmm? Maybe there should be bets :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I feel like a 12 year old

It started with a tickle in my throat on Monday. Yesterday my voice was really hoarse and I thought I might end up taking a sick day today. I didn't really feel that bad, but I knew no one wanted to work around a Typhoid Mary. I decided to go to the doctor today because my throat really hurt and I figured I had a bad cold. It turns out that the little rug monkeys from work gave me Strep. What? I don't get illnesses like this. I get colds. I am known for them. It's kind of my thing. Oh well, I am going to stay home tomorrow so that the anti-biotics can kick in. I don't really feel that bad, so it's kind of like a day off. I am a little troubled by the large itchy patch of skin I have from where they gave me a couple of shots in the backside. I told her that I was allergic to penicillin and she said that most people think they are, but really aren't. I'm hoping she didn't try to experiment on me...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bear with me

So...I try not to talk about NASCAR too often on the blog because I know most of you aren't fans...but I can't let last night's events go without recognition...

It was the Budweiser Shoot Out (a precursor race to Daytona next Sunday) and Dale Jr. won the race!! This bodes very well for the 500. So excited!

My future hubby's makin' us some money :)

P.S. the image above is Dale's new look. I'll admit having a win makes Hendrick Motorsports easier to accept

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A General Malaise of Boredom

That's what I have identified as a problem in my life. As a dear (and smart-ass) friend of mine told me today: "You're a 45 year old woman stuck in a 37 year old's body." Nice.

I'm not sure how to remedy this problem. I like being lazy so I don't want to over schedule myself and never get couch time. I joined a book club...isn't that enough? Although on the excitement factor it's close to a negative 8. I usually go out once during the weekend. Several of my friends meet a local bar on Wednesdays (we call it church) and that's fun...but what else am I searching for. I have an idea, but I'm not going to express it. I've talked about it before and I don't feel like rehashing anything.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unexpected Friday off...

what to do?

I'm thinking something like this:

Wake up late

Read in bed. I have two new books I've been wanting to start

Maybe see an afternoon movie?

I'm a wild and crazy gal

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Giving it up

For Lent, that is. I have decided on two things this year. Two, I tell you!!

First, I am going to cease adding salt to my food. For those of you that know me (even in passing) must realize that this is a big deal! I love salt. To me, it is a a food group. It makes good better and okay food passable. So, the basic guidelines are that I can add salt when cooking (or it will be completely bland), but nothing afterwards. And no adding salt to any food that I get at a restaurant. I guess I am going to have to become friends with that b*tch Mrs. Dash.

Second, I am giving up carbonated beverages - basically, sodas. Since giving up caffeine, I have been drinking a lot of Fanta (and it has been orangy-delicious!). Unfortunately, that has probably equaled close to - or more - 300 calories everyday. Empty calories everyday. I figure both of these things won't be easy, but they will be good for me.

So, what are you giving up?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

27 dresses. eh

I've heard reviews from both sides of the aisle (so to speak), but this movie really didn't do much for me. Jenny and her BF fell asleep (I did wake her when she began to snore) and I was just mildy entertained. I realized about half way through that I don't really like romantic comedies. The endings just aren't that compelling and the premises are mostly ridiculous. I should have seen The Bucket List. I guess that's more my speed.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A little fondue, please

I like fondue, do you? Jenny, the bf, and I are (three cheers for the third wheel!) going to the Melting Pot for dinner and I'm a bit excited. I like cheese. I like meat. I like chocolate. I like cooking. It's all that I love in one place. Are you a fan?