Saturday, May 20, 2006

Something to entertain you over the weekend

Thanks to my friend Sean, I have discovered the amusement of The Dormitory Boys. They're these two chinese guys that lip synch. Now, I know that the concept seems a bit obscure or boring, but give the link below a look.

I am going to add them to my links on the right, but 'til then, enjoy.


Peyton said...

Okay, go to "I want it that way"... First of all it is hilarious. Second, notice the kid in the back on the computer who is oblivious.

We watch these videos at work... there is also a couple of ladies who wear spandex and make videos on buses and what not. I will try to find it and give you a link.

katie g. said...

That guy is in all the videos. I think he is plays "the oblivious guy in the background." They are great. I can waste a lot of time watching stuff like this!