Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Freezer

Is the most honest thing about me. If you really want to get to know me, check out my freezer. My idealized life is in direct conflict with my "real" one. I have nothing to speak of in the refrigerator, but the sub-zero cave above it is another story.

The idealized part:
lean cuisines of all types
all fruit bars with less than 90 calories
frozen veggies
healthy soup I made months ago
single serving chicken breasts

The "real" part:
ice cream (four different kinds - some light, some not - various sizes)
mini-hamburgers - they're gross, but still...
five frozen mugs (for the brew)
fat-filled chicken pot pie

Guess which items are older and have witnessed the comings and goings of other foods...


Avery's mom said...

sounds like a trip to white castle is in order

Peyton said...

I prefer Krstal burgers... however, white castle is the closest thing Chicago has to Krystal, so I have grown somehwat accustomed... either way, they can both be called "sliders" because they both "slide" right through you :)

(I would just like to add that White Castle has Chicken Rings- Katie, do you remember Chicken Rings? St. Cecelia Lunch special??)

katie g. said...

Chicken Rings?!!!!!!! Those were the best!