Thursday, March 29, 2007

Better mood...

I'm feeling much calmer this morning and I thought I would share the good vibes. I am picking up a bridesmaids dress today. I was thinking I would just wear it to the shower on Saturday. Might as well get the most use out of it. I kid, I kid. I won't be wearing it to the shower...I don't want to have all the fun at once, ya know. This does bring up the dilemma about what one wears to various social occasions. Too dressy? Too casual? To slutty? To conservative? I generally don't recommend anything that may come under the heading "too slutty" to any sort of shower or church event - although, let's face it, I don't darken the door of church with any regularity. I tend to veer towards too casual because I am really into being comfortable. I probably wear tennis shoes to work at least three to four times a week. I skate on the very edge of looking appropriate for work. I do have to say that I work better when I am comfortable and I am not being distracted by pointy shoes or clothes that are too tight. I am wearing slacks and a sweater set to the shower this weekend. That's all I can manage. No dresses, no pointy shoes. Such a lady...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oooooooooh. I AM IRRITATED

*this is a post that is meant to take the place of venting to the actual person*
-this is what I would like to say...verbatim

Listen you bitch, I am just about tired of the bullshit that I have had to listen to lately and I am wish you would just turn mute and sit there blinking at me and being f*cking silent. No one has died and made you the king, queen, czar, president, much less manager at Denny's so quit acting like you are so much better than other people. It may have seemed like a good idea to piss me off, but I have a feeling that you will find that that is a false idea. I can be polite and pleasant when I want to be. In that same vein I can also be a heinous bitch that would make you severely unhappy. I have decided that I am not going to be nice anymore. This will impact your life in the following ways:
- I will no longer hold back the sarcastic remarks I have been stifling for what seems like 20 years.
- I will no longer pretend that I give a care about anything about you because you certainly don't return the favor.
- I am not going to inconvenience myself in any way. If it will make you less comfortable then I will do it.
- I will enjoy all of this...endlessly

Okay. I feel better. I will probably not be mad anymore after weeks or months. Thanks for being an outlet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let it go

*If you have ever been in a customer service oriented profession, you will understand this post*

Have you ever been waiting in line or just happened to overhear an unhappy person arguing with an employee before? Of course you have. At some point in time it was probably you. Sometimes it is understandable when you aren't receiving adequate service, but sometimes it just isn't. I witnessed a woman argue with someone for over 15 minutes about something that the employee couldn't honestly help. He tried to be kind and patient, but she just couldn't let it go. She kept him engaged in this disagreement while a line of people formed (who also wanted service, but she didn't care). What people like this don't seem to notice is that they come off as the ass, not the person their arguing with. What exactly does this accomplish? Did she walk out of there feeling satisfied with herself? Did she accomplish anything? The answers are Nothing, no, and no. All it did was probably raise her blood pressure and put her at an increased risk of being a tool and having a stroke. Next time I find myself in this type of situation I am just going to: (say it with me now) Let. It. Go.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Things change...despite our efforts

This weekend I am throwing a shower for one of my best friends. This is a collaborative event and three of my closest friends are also hosting this social extravaganza. I have tried to do a good job and everyone else has been enthusiastic and it should be a great party. Have I been looking forward to it? At first, not so much. I was too worried that I wouldn't do it right and everyone would be disappointed in me and the results. It finally dawned on me that this coming weekend is a good thing. It will be the last (if not first and last) time that most of my girlfriends from highschool/college will be together as just us girls. Several of us live in different states and getting together is an effort (well worth it) that requires plane tickets, rental cars, time off from work or school. I guess I just wanted to blog about how grateful I am that this weekend is happening and we should get in some fun and rare bonding time. Girly - yes. Worth it - yes.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Last night we went out for Jenny's birthday. We went to an awesome restaurant and followed it up with a visit to a neighborhood bar. All in all, it was a pretty good time. This afternoon we visited a local sports bar and enjoyed some cheese fries and a few drinks to fight any lingering hangovers. It sounds pretty good, right? Not so, people, not so. Our server at the sports bar decided that we looked so hot that he had to sit down AT our table and talk with us for TWENTY MINUTES. We were almost done with our dinner when he finally got up from the table and released us from the hell that was our experience with the overly friendly waiter. While he sat with us and asked us "so, what do you ladies do for a living?" and "I'm a Jeff Gordon fan" his friend (another waiter) came up and started talking about how he was going to apply to nursing school because he found out that most of his tuition would be paid because he is bi-polar and that falls under some disability act. Seriously, he just came up and started talking about being crazy! I think we must have traveled through some time warp and ended up on the bizarre side. Finally, we got out of there and stopped by the grocery store, where the "bag boy (for lack of a better term)" started randomly talking about something I mentioned to Jenny in passing. And he just talked and talked and talked and then laughed at his own jokes and did a little snorting. It was clearly time to go home and I have been holed up here for the last several hours. Hopefully, it will be safe to leave the apartment tomorrow.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here's the problem

Communication, people. It's all about communication. We are lazy people. We are so lazy that when someone emails us, we don't write back EVEN THOUGH it is simply a matter of clicking on the reply button and typing a few words. You don't EVEN have to put the address in the email. It is automatically done for you. I am not speaking of personal emails, so anyone reading should know that I am not speaking of my friends. I am talking about several emails I have sent at work for professional reasons and people have not responded. People who are public figures and allegedly serve the community. I am so irritated right now I feel like calling them up and asking them why they are such ASSES. All I need is a yes or no. I'm not going to be mad at the answer, but I want an answer. An acknowledgement that I have sent you a message and you have you used your (however limited) ability to read. This experience has made me realize that I need to respond to all emails that require responses as a matter of courtesy. Take this as a public service announcement and keep up with your electronic correspondence.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am blogging from my own computer. On my couch. Watching Tivo. Life is officially good. Big shout out to the Geek Squad for fixing my clunker of a laptop. I will be back in contact and blogging regularly from now on. Let me think of a topic and I will get back to ya.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


That is what must have caused me to say I would work today at 7:30 am at the gym I used to work at before my library job. Considering the time changed it was like getting up at 5:45 this morning. Surprisingly enough I was not too tired even though I had about three hours sleep. I was up so late because I am reading this AWESOME book and I think everyone else should visit their local library or book store and get a copy IMMEDIATELY! What is this book, you ask? It is Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Generally, I don't like thrillers, but this book is the exception and I am telling everyone I know about it. Go on Amazon and read the reviews if you don't believe me.

On to another topic (as I don't blog much, it is important that I jam as much into one post as possible)...I would like to discuss weddings. As I have mentioned before, I don't have the wedding "gene." I am totally lost when it comes to planning showers, teas, invitations, food, gifts, and anything else that might be included under the heading of weddings. If I could wear flip flops and some sort of t-shirt and jeans to all the events I might be able to get on board, but that is just not happening. The wedding season is approaching and I will be attending parties for several months to come (and hosting one) and I am just a bit panicked. Other people seem to know what to do and what etiquette to follow, but I am clueless. I don't know what sorts of foods to serve if it is a daytime shower or a night time shower (and why do they call it a shower anyways?). Thank God for registries or everyone I know would be getting a half case of beer and a gift certificate to Target. Am I alone here? Do other people find all of this baffling or do you just love them and wish it would be wedding season all year round?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hey Kids! I'm back...for now...

I know, I know, its been forever...Still no computer (right now I am using the computer at my roomies parent's house). Things are going okay for me, nothing really big right now. The same can't be said for the rest of the world, eh? I can't believe I missed my chance to blog about Anna Nicole's untimely passing and the media circus and the fun new game show "Who's My Daddy." And what about Britney's breakdown and subsequent AWESOME haircut? Talk about minimalist... Also her revolving entrance and exit to rehab. She and Lindsay Lohan make rehab look like a quick mart. Come when you want, leave when you want, and get out after a couple of days - POOF! Your healed! It is not a good sign when Kevin Federline starts coming off as the "rational" one. Could the apocalypse truly be upon us? I have really missed blogging so I will try and set aside some time at lunch every couple of days and blog from a public access computer (I work in a library so you think I would avail myself of one of our services). Talk to you soon!