Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't kid yourself

One of the most annoying phrases I hear is "I've been dancing since I was 2."

No. No you haven't. That would be allowing for quite a flexible definition of 'dancing'

Following the logic here are the other things that I have been doing since I was 2:

* I, too, have been a painter and sculpted since toddlerhood. Some of my early work is more Cubist, but I believe quite impressive.

* Driving. I easily navigated the roads on my big wheel or tricycle to the point that I should have considered a career as a professional driver.

* Writer. Sure some of my 'scribblings' were difficult to interpret, but no less intriguing. It was still important to get my message out.

* Decorating - I have heard stories about some of the many ways I managed to alter my surroundings. Personally, I object to the term destructive. I'm more fond of the phrase 'creative removal.'

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Friday, February 04, 2011


For those of you who have read this blog before, you know my ongoing issues/hijinks with Kenny G. - particularly regarding is what happened a couple of days ago:

I woke up last Sunday and checked my email and noticed ol' Kenny had forwarded me a flight confirmation. At first I thought he had booked a ticket to come visit without checking with me (panic!), but I read the first line that he had written in the forwarded email: "could you print this for me and mail it to me?"

Really? There's no one in Nashville that you know that owns a printer? No one??

Oh, did I mention I bought him a web connected printer for Christmas a month ago? A printer that I connected myself, and tested?????? I left him a very large note explaining that he needed the email address assigned to the printer for it to work and to NOT throw the paper away.

I emailed the forwarded document to the printer's email address and printed it myself. To his printer. In Nashville. From Birmingham. Without getting out of bed.

Five minutes later he calls and says "How did you do that?? I tried printing for 30 minutes and it wouldn't work."

Sooooo...let's just take a moment to imagine how his struggle to print went:

G#^%*%*% Fu#*<€~€~ Printer won't Fu#^{!.£ work. Katie should just leave the da;& thing alone!!!

I'm surprised my ears weren't burning from the horrible things he was saying about me ;)

Oh, Kenny.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


In about a month a few friends and I are going to a cabin in Gatlinburg. It's a trip I thought of and booked. Do you know what I have done? I have planned a couples weekend, people. Everyone else who is going is a couple. Maybe they would have more fun without me in their couply-hood, but too bad. I'm a fun girl and plan on having an awesome time. I love all of my friends' significant others. They are good men who are good to my friends. I'm not lying. Trust me, I have made my feelings VERY clear when I'm not a fan of one of my friends' boyfriends or girlfriends. If you want someone to say yes and make you feel better about a bad relationship - find.someone.else. I'm too old to lie to you....but I digress!

I'm planning my next adventure! I'm going to enjoy a (however cliche and overused the phrase is) staycation. I'm thinking Ross Bridge Resort here in town, room service, movies on demand, and spa services. I think it will be awesome. I may even let someone go with me, but the jury is out. Sometimes I'm my own best company. :)

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