Friday, May 05, 2006

I knew the moment I woke up

I never should have gotten out of bed. The alarm went off and I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep. I could barely get out of bed, but Teddy was quite demanding so I took him outside and cursed the fact that I had to go to work. It was also raining. I love laying in bed and listening to it rain and it made me hate going to work even more. Finally, I got my ass in gear and got ready and headed out and got to work early (good for me), but there was some work drama - as there usually is around here. It put me on the defensive, but I am trying to see things from a different perspective and realize that I could, possibly, however unlikely, be in the wrong. Oh well. I want to go home and put my head under the covers and not get out until Sunday. I have always been goal oriented (ummm, right...) so I think I can make this idea come to fruition.


crazycatlady said...

Yeah...I'm having one of those days too. I don't even remember my alarm going off...just my husband waking me up telling me I was late. I'm so tired, I could just sleep all weekend, but I've got too much to do. It stormed last night, and is still nasty outside, and I'd much rather be in bed. Hope it gets better for you.

Sara G said...

Do everyone a favor and create a small fire, one that people can be safe from but big enough to shut the place down. :0) That's from the bottom of my heart.