Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Panic Mode!

I talked to my dad last night and he mentioned that he may come down to visit me this weekend. I would like for him to visit and it will probably be nice to have him around because we don't get a lot of father daughter time, but he should have given me more warning. My apartment is a wreck. No, cross that, it's a total disaster area and it is amazing that I haven't actually lost Teddy in the piles of rubble. It's not dirty, just incredibly messy. Generally, I don't have a lot of people over to my house so I don't have to worry about public ridicule for my slothfulness. Jenny comes over fairly regularly, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't say anything about it. I am currently at work, but I think I am going to make a game plan for digging out. I think I will start in the bedroom because this is the place that I always lose interest in after cleaning the rest of the apartment. Usually, I figure that I can just hide everything in the closet or the far side of the bed (you can't see anything if you place things strategically - or pitch them quickly as I have been known to do). Maybe this time I will actually clean all the rooms (all four of them). Who knows, stranger things have happened.


Belle of Madison said...

Good luck!!! I usually run out of steam long before a chore like that is finished.

Peyton said...

I start with clearing surfaces (tables, counters, furniture, etc.) Then I pick up the rest by creating piles of clothes, then piles of papers and magazines. Gosh, I wish I were there... I am getting really excited about your project. I know, it is sick how much I like to clean and straighten.

K8E said...

Is there a club we can join? My room is a permanent disaster area. I use the excuse I don't have enough room for all my stuff so it just makes me look messy. In reality, I'm just lazy!