Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kids, today we have a guest blogger

I have not been feeling too creative today so I have decided to turn the reins of the blog over to someone that has wanted to share his feelings for a long time: Teddy.

Hi everybody! Katie has let me comment officially today, but let's face it - the creative one in this relationship has always been me. Some of you have met me, but several of you haven't so I will give you my description. To say that I'm a handsome fellow is quite the understatement. I have a salt and pepper coat, a bit shaggy (which is hip with the kids these days), ears that are ever so floppy and jaunty, great teeth, and a bright red Dale Jr. collar. I keep slim and trim by running around the apartment and jumping up and down from the couch in my efforts to keep watch over the neighborhood. Some people say I smell, I hate to name names, but we'll call one of my detractors 'Benny.' I prefer to think I have a distinctive aroma, more a cross between rugged male and the outdoors.

I have a pretty phat life. I have to share the bed with Katie at night, but I usually get it to myself during the day. Katie has some pretty lame taste in telly so the Tivo is constantly jumping around from one crap show to the other. Forgive her, she can't help being inherently cheesy. My tastes run more to the Animal Planet and Bravo. Usually I eat once a day, but I don't have much of an appetite. I do have to note that that b*tch (Katie) eats food in front of me all the time and has the audacity to deny me even a lick. All those stories of me sneaking food? True, but now you see why I do it. Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now - I need my beauty sleep. 'Til next time,

Teddy G.


Sarah said...

Teddy, I wish my life was more like yours...

Lydia said...

I like it when Teddy blogs!