Friday, March 17, 2006

Here's the good news

I am home right now, sitting on the couch in the den watching Storytellers on Vh1 (featuring the BeeGees - discussing how they wrote "Stayin Alive") and I can tell you about the good news that I alluded to earlier this week. My brother asked his girlfriend to marry him tonight and she said yes. I am very happy for the two of them. My brother is a nester. He was meant to get married and have a family, which is good, because people are going to have to hold their breath when it comes to me. The ring is beee-u-t-eee-full. He had a jeweler make it and even guessed the right size. They were meant for each other. Now, comes the less fun part of parties, showers, and the actual wedding. She doesn't have any sisters so I figure my chances of being in the wedding are pretty high. Yip-pee. I'm not into frou-frou or ruffles and that is what weddings tend to be about. In pastels. Jenny and I are hoping to be flower girls, but I'll settle for bartender. Yes, it may be a bit unconventional, but I think I would have a much better time than if I was stuck in an ugly dress with a fake smile pasted on my face (this does not mean that I am unhappy about this turn of events, I just hate dressing up). Maybe she will have a pajama themed wedding?

Hope springs eternal.

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Belle of Madison said...

Yay!!! That's such exciting news!!! Maybe it will be a while before all of the showers and everything get underway.