Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hello, My name is Katie and I'm an idiot.

In the interest of full disclosure and for other people's amusement I have decided to tell an embarrassing story about myself. You know how I have been struggling to fix my tivo all week? Well, it turns out that nothing was wrong with it. I'm just an idiot. Here is how it unfolded:
Mid-December I took my laptop home and disrupted the router connection to both the television and the tivo. Since this time I have struggled to get my router to maintain any sort of connection with the tivo or computer and the process has been quite irritating (to say the very least). I would run my linksys setup cd and get the thing started, but inevitably my connection would fail and I would have to do the whole thing over again. Then last week I thought my wireless adaptor had given up the ghost and I decided to go with a wired one to prevent these problems from happening anymore. Well, I couldn't find a wired adaptor and ended up purchasing another wireless one (different brand) to use and it was not compatible with the damn thing. I went back to BestBuy (where I bought the new adaptor) and had them SPECIALLY order me a wired router and returned the one I had just bought. Imagine my excitement last night when I got home and found my new adaptor outside of my door. I got inside the apartment, reconfigured the router (did I fail to mention that I never went all the way through the guided setup and would quit after I got an initial wireless signal?) and hooked up the new wired adaptor. Well, as luck would have it this adaptor also did not work and I was very frustrated and then on a whim (and desperation) I plugged in the original wireless adaptor I got months ago and it worked with little effort. So, all in all, I have spent close to $100, two trips to BestBuy (soon to be 3, to return the wired adaptor), countless hours of misery (sad, but true), and the priceless feeling of stupidity, to come to the conclusion that all of this was pointless and I could have solved this problem months ago, without any extra money or frustration. I believe this is the point in the story where you say "and there's your sign."


Belle of Madison said...

Katie, you're so brave for telling your story so that others won't have to suffer.

katie g. said...

You know, I hadn't really thought of it that way. I am brave, aren't I?