Sunday, March 12, 2006

How much time do you have?

Today, I was working and there is constant controversy over the music we play in the facility. Honestly, there is absolutely no way to please everyone and it is a frustrating and ultimately pointless endeavor to try and make everyone happy. I was sitting at the front when this man came up to the desk and made a complaint. To give you some background, this is someone that complains EVERYTIME he is in the place and has been vocal to managers and staff alike about his displeasure. He always makes snotty comments about the music whenever I see him and I have very little patience for his childish behavior. So back to today, he came up to me while an Eminem song was on in which he (Em) was imploring females to "shake that ass" (except ass was actually silenced in the song). He (Mr. complainer) told me (yes, told) to change the channel and I told him I was not allowed and he said that he spoke to my boss and she said that we could change the channel. He also told me that as a female I should be offended by the content of the song as well. First off, I don't like anyone telling me what should or should not offend me and what was more offensive was his condescending tone and general ass-ness. I called my boss and she informed me that there was one other channel I could change it to. I went ahead and changed it to soft rock and went back to my business. The guy came up again and complained about the new music and informed me it was like "the inmates running the asylum." I was quite perplexed about this comment as I don't consider myself an inmate and he was the one orchestrating the entire exchange. He finally approached someone else and told them that he wanted the music changed (this person did not know that we had already had a conversation about this) and this staff member changed it back to the other station. The original station. I kept hoping the Eminem song would come back on and I could just watch his reaction. Alas, I was off for the afternoon. This gets to the title of the post which is the amount of time you have to spend on such pointless endeavors. I have a suggestion for this guy: get some headphones and listen to Yanni or whatever other bad music he surely is a fan of.

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Peyton said...

This guy, and most of the members for that matter, need to go f&%$ themselves.