Thursday, April 13, 2006

When was the first time you...: Thursday Night (afternoon)

This one is reader's choice. I'm thinking something along the lines of (thanks to some suggestions from a friend) first car, first time you felt like an adult, first time you got your heartbroken, first time you lost a friend, etc. Let's make this interesting folks. It's your pick.

Here's my pick: First time I felt like an adult.

The first time I felt like an adult was when I moved into my first apartment with two other girls (Sarah F. I'm talking to you). Dorm living allowed me to be pretty independent, but this was the first time I was paying for most of my bills and I felt pretty good about it. It was also the first time I had a full-time job and my own health insurance...all the works. The first night we moved in felt like we were in a condo. Everything was really new and most of the furniture wasn't mine. I had a lot of fun that year despite some bumps along the way. I am still friends with one of the girls and I learned the importance of give and take and taking out the trash when it's "your turn" (something that one of the roomies never quite grasped).


RachelC. said...

hey k.g. this is rach c. i want to say i hope things are going well this semester and wish i got to see you some. thanks for the info on i'm laughing out loud about crazy tom cruise right now. =)

Sarah F said...

I still remember standing in the kitchen the night we both realized our wonderful roomie never took the trash out, it was only the two of us. (Or was it doing the dishes? I think we were the only ones that did that too.) I think my fondest memory of that place was our beer run (walk) to brunos, sharing the to go cup

Belle of Madison said...

I'm going to take the easy way out and go with "first car." It was June 3, 1996, three weeks before my 16th birthday. (Back in those days, we got our driver's licenses at age 15, so I was an experienced driver by this point!) My parents and sister and I got into the car to go somewhere, I don't remember where. We ended up driving out to the other side of Jackson to my dad's coworker's house. They had already done the deal, unbeknownst to me, and we left there with a 1983 stick-shift Volvo GL 4-door sedan. Yellow. A mom car! At least it had character. There was a button for overdrive on the shifter, kind of instead of 5th gear, but I accidentally pulled the knob off when shifting to 2nd. All the time. So my dad got tired of reconnecting the overdrive, and eventually I got a new shifter knob and overdrive wasn't an option anymore. In October of '96 I rear-ended someone and crumpled up the hood and front fender, and had to pay $600 of the deductible and the parts got replaced. From then on, the hood and left front fender were brighter and shinier than the rest of the car because they were more recently painted. I had the car for 5 years, until it was 18 years old and we traded it in on a 3-year-old Toyota Corolla.

K8E said...

Hmm..the first time I felt like an adult, I mean really felt like an adult and not like some kid pretending to be an adult, was when I signed the loan papers on my new car a year and a half ago and realized that I was buying and paying for something with my own money and on my own credit.

Lora Leigh said...

First Car: I wish I had kept my first car until I stopped running b/c I took such good care of it. I got it just before my 16th birthday and kept it 7 YEARS!!! I drove it everywhere, all the time. I put around 140,000 miles on that little car, which was a Silver Saturn (4 Doors bought brand new)!
And if I had the time to wait and money to get one, I would be investing in the new 2007 Saturn Green(not color, but like a hybrid) SUV!