Wednesday, April 26, 2006

There are bad moods and then there is what I was

I was in FOUL mood today and God have mercy on the people that crossed my path at work this morning. I try to be a fun person to work with and be a fairly good worker while I'm there, but today was just not it. I took a nap at my desk in the morning, cried in the back room in the afternoon, and sat on the counter at night and watched someone else work while I bitched. It really is a wonder that I haven't found another job, isn't it? I am in a better mood right now and hope it lasts into tomorrow. Part of the reason I feel better is reading the encouraging comments people have left on this blog and that I really will find the right job for me.

On a side note, something has really been bothering me lately. People who back into parking places. These individuals will spend five minutes or more trying to back into a space so that they will be able to whip out of the space with lightning speed at a future time. They will struggle to straighten their car and back in and pull out and on and on until they park somewhat straight. Sometimes I just want to say "park like a normal person and get out of the g.d. car!"


Belle of Madison said...

Wanna have a contest to see who can be the most pissy? I'm still being nice to my coworkers but I'm furious on the inside.

K8E said...

Sometimes people who back into parking spots annoy me, especially if I'm waiting for them to get out of the way so I can get around them. On the other hand I can slightly understand some of the backing into spaces, especially in the parking deck at work where some of the spots are just about impossible to get out of unless you backed into them originally and are facing out when you leave.