Saturday, April 15, 2006

The week that was

Thanks to everyone that participated in "first time" week. I had a good time making up the questions and reading everyone's answers. I hope you had fun, too. Now, I will fill you in on the week that I wasn't posting about my exciting life...haha.

I worked out twice this week and I felt really good about it. I had a super hard workout with my friend Fran (he would be mortified if he knew I even mentioned his name on 'da blog) and he put me through hell. I was so sore the next two days that it was ridiculous. I limped around my house and could barely sit down (just picture the problems that presents in ALL sorts of situations). Aside from the soreness, I felt better than I have in a long time and I plan on hitting the gym again this week. On the job front, I have had several job leads this week so I am feeling more hopeful about that as well. All in all, the week was fine. I had several bumps with people at work and a couple of friends, but that has all been resolved and I feel pretty good about next week.


Peyton said...

I worked out yesterday too... I rode my bike and now my ass is really sore. My right arm is also sore- our elevator was not working yesterday when we left for our ride, so I carried my bike down 8 flights- go, me! Here is to being healthy!

littlelai said...

Good luck with the job leads Katie...public libraries?? Did you find some leads in BHAM?

katie g. said...

A couple of the leads are in Shelby County and one is in Jefferson County. I will keep you posted on what happens.