Friday, April 21, 2006

Sarah mentioned this before

The guy that wanted a Roe v. Wade for men? I saw the guy on television who was arguing that he did not want to be a father and he claims that the woman who got pregnant with HIS baby lied to him and told him she couldn't get pregnant and she was on the pill. He was ordered by a court to pay child support and he is taking her to court because he believes that the law is treating him differently because of his sex.

Well, this guy was on Dr. Phil.

He said that the woman was given choices and he wasn't. She could give her baby up for adoption, abort it, or just abandon it (based on Safe Haven laws that allow a mother to give up her baby at a safe place such as a police station or hospital) and he was not given these choices. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend does not live in a state where her reproductive rights are being erroded on a consistent basis. He is also discounting the bond that a woman often develops while carrying a baby. He also claimed that the baby was not his. He didn't deny that the child was his biologically, but he said that since he was forced into parenthood that the child wasn't
"really" his. Did I mention that he quit wearing a condom during the relationship? That the mother contends that she really believed that she couldn't get pregnant?

I was so mad watching this show because it was the first time I really saw this guy arguing his BULLSHIT point. His lawyer and a representative from the National Organization of Men (hmm) insisted that they believed he would be an "excellent" father at a future date, but he was forced into this situation and that is why he is fighting this so adamantly.

You want to calculate the population of the world if only planned babies were born? I certainly wouldn't be here, as I was a late in life surprise. Sorry to rant, but this just drives me crazy. This guy is trying to assert his rights after hundreds of years of women being relegated to second class citizenry and abuse, but this worm wants to have sex without considering the consequences. Hate to be graphic, but if you are going to stick your dick in something you better be willing to pay the price.

She was.


Jamie said...

Dr. Phil aside, I think the law supports your view. I heard about this case a while back and was intrigued by the novel legal argument. When I looked into it, I found that this strategy has been tried before and the guy was all but laughed out of court.

Peyton said...

Jamie, aren't you supposed to be at the library studying? I am glad to know you are using your time wisely.

And about this guy from Dr. Phil, he is an asshole. She bucked up to the challenge, now he needs to do the same.