Sunday, April 02, 2006

2 Years

April 3rd is the two year mark of the day my mom passed away. I have talked alot about my mom on this blog. Most of the time I like to mention her quirks and other crazy things she did, but I wanted to give ya'll a more well rounded picture of my mom. Some of the people who read this blog met her, but most of you haven't and that is why I am giving you a glimpse of her.

My mom:
- lived all over the south, including her favorite place, Key West.
- she went to LSU, Northwestern (the one in Louisiana), University of Texas, and Ole Miss. She got a Masters in History and was all but dissertation in her Ph.D program (also in history)
- She got her pilots license when she was in her 20s
- She was 31 when she got married - my dad was 23 ;) - cradle robber...
- She worked as a social worker and teacher and she was great at both
- If you wanted to know anything about history she ALWAYS had the answer
- She was scared of babies and got full body hives after she had my brother and 9 years later when she had me
- She was really proud of her kids and NEVER hesitated to tell us
- She loved my dad and never hesitated to tell him
- She was really funny and witty (I like to think I got that from her)
- Most of my friends thought she was a pretty cool lady
- I could always tell when she was getting dressed up to go out because she put on her Chanel No. 5
- I still miss her alot, but truly believe that she is happier where she is.

And that was my mom.


Belle of Madison said...

They say the second anniversary can be harder than the first. I'll be thinking about you.

Wendy said...

This is the day after the fact, but anniversaries are never easy, and I hope you can always remember the good, and not the bad! Love the fact you are so honest, sometimes I wish I could be that honest with myself. Hope you are feeling ok and having a, not good, but decent day.

Lora Leigh said...

Those are beautiful memories.