Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It drives me crazy and I guess it shouldn't

Sad news to report and I know I should have mentioned it earlier, but Lucy Goosey and her owner have moved. I was really sad to see them go, but over the last few weeks her owner dressed her up in all kinds of super cute outfits (maybe showcasing the best of her work) and it was bittersweet. Now that the lady and her goose are gone there is a handicapped space in front of the apartment that isn't being used. My downstairs neighbor (the semi-loud one) has taken it upon herself to start parking there - even when there are several other perfectly good parking places available. I know that the lady that the space was intended for is no longer there, but it totally irks me. This twit is already on my bad side and now she is making it worse by parking in spaces reserved for the physically handicapped (which, by being forced to listen to the antics that take place in her bedroom when her boyfriend is over, is clearly not an issue). I realize that there is no one who needs that spot and that the apartment people will probably turn it into a regular spot - the fact remains that there is still a little blue handicapped man painted on the cement and she should back off.

I am so petty.


Peyton said...

Turn her in... report her immediately to the authorities. That'll teach her a lesson.

You just have the worst luck with neighbors.

katie g. said...

She really isn't that bad. Especially considering that dick of a neighbor I had in T-town

Belle of Madison said...

Petty people make the world go round, I say.