Monday, April 24, 2006

Dogs are like babies, but babies get to wear diapers

Teddy can be such a bitch sometimes. Let me set the scene for you: Teddy was very thirsty when I got home today and I fed him and gave him water and took him on a walk and he did his business. I took him back inside and he swatted at his water bowl (his oh so subtle sign that he would like a refill) so I filled it to the top and he sucked the bowl dry. Soon he whined at the door and I took him out again and he peed on a bush. We returned indoors and I watched a little Dr. Phil and filled up the dishwasher. During this time, Teddy was whining again and I was ignoring him because he had just been outside and I thought he was faking it. I guess I was wrong. While I have my head down loading dishes, I hear a strange sound and I look up and see Teddy PEEING on the floor not FIVE FEET AWAY FROM ME. Now, this dog has been housetrained for at least two and a half years and he is popping a squat on my living room floor. I was so mad. Don't worry he is still alive, but it was close. Although I did raise my voice and ask "what the HELL is wrong with you?" I didn't beat him or freak out. I took him outside for a longer than usual walk and he is balefully looking at me from the couch at this moment while I give him the silent treatment. Unfortunately, the silent treatment is not all that effective with animals and his baleful look could be sleepiness. Oh well.


Lydia said...

Oh's never going to end! I just laughed at that story, what can you do? You have to be tough when they whine so they don't think they're the boss! But then how do you know when they really mean it?

katie g. said...

Beats me. I just dance to his tune. I mean we clean up after them, right? Who is the boss? Tony and Angela never figured that age old question out and I guess we won't either...sigh

K8E said...

I have to say I'm a very well trained owner :) I refill bowls and pick up after the kitties all the time - you'd think they would at least be thankful but no, it's just expected! But then again..they are cats.... :D