Tuesday, January 31, 2006

10 Little Things I'm Grateful For:

I know I gripe alot on this blog and it occurred to me that I should also throw in some positive stuff so here it is.

Ten Little Things I'm Grateful For

10. How good the "cool side" of the pillow feels when you turn it over while you are trying to fall asleep.
9. When someone says "I love you" first because then it feels like they really do.
8. When Teddy sits in my lap and stares adoringly at his favorite person (me).
7. Making other people laugh.
6. Getting an unexpected email or letter in the mail (which is quite rare in this day and age).
5. Having a random customer at work tell me they think I do a good job.
4. Finding a movie on television that I haven't seen in a while and wanted to see.
3. Feeling needed and necessary by my friends and family.
2. When little kids say they think I'm nice, cool, or pretty.
1. Having a great family, great friends, and a warm, safe home, particularly when so many people don't. (I know this isn't "little" but it still needed to be acknowledged.)

That's it. Hope you have 10 little things you're grateful for.


Belle of Madison said...

Great post!! I might have to borrow your idea and post a list of my own.

katie g. said...

Feel free. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not always bitching about something. Just 99% of the time ;)

Peyton said...

I am grateful for your list... it really made me feel warm and fuzzy... my favorite is #8. I feel the same about my kiddies (get it - kitties)