Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do you deserve?

I believe that you can learn all of life's lessons by watching Dr. Phil or Friends. Today, I watched an episode of my favorite shrink and he had moochers on the show. These were men that were mooching off of the women in their lives. There was this one woman who had a great job and she was engaged to this guy that had no job, was an alcoholic and had no intention of changing. After Dr. Phil practically beat her over the head with logic she was still on the fence about marrying him. The conclusion that I (and Dr. Phil) made was that this is what she thinks she deserves. My question is why?
I think this is true for most people. I know that I think that I am a bad person sometimes and that I don't always deserve good things. When you don't think you deserve good things then you don't get good things, see? I need to change how I feel about things and start believing that I deserve better. Where these thoughts come from, I'm not sure, but I can at least recognize the problem. Dr. Phil would tell me that I need to have "right thinking" because what I have going on right now "ain't working for me."
I don't want ya'll to think that I sit around thinking these things all the time, but it is something I'm aware of and I am determined to think I deserve better. You do, too.

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Lora Leigh said...

You deserve better Katie G.!