Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Soul Patch: Discuss amongst yourselves

<-- One Question: Why?

The little bit of fuzz that some men, and a few unfortunate women have growing directly beneath their chins is absolutely beyond comprehension to me. It is attached to nothing and it certainly provides no aesthetic qualities or warmth (which is an acceptable reason for people growing beards that should not be doing so). Maybe I have missed some sort of important message that a soul patch provides aside from the obvious - "boy, that guy is a really bad shaver, look at that big patch of hair he missed"- As of right now I shall mock all the insist on sporting this look and encourage them to remove it from their face immediately.


Belle of Madison said...

I don't understand it either. There is certainly nothing attractive about it.

BabyMakes3 said...

it ranks right up there with the skankstashe (the very barely there mustache that is just hideous!)

Connor's Mom said...

That is too funny! I hate it also!