Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Black Tuesday

There are few days in history that have been dubbed "black" but there is only one of these days that is so awful and contrived that it divides the world into two sets of people. The haves and the have nots. Yes, I am referring to the "holiday" known to many as Valentine's Day. Perhaps, if I was one of the 'haves' I would not be so down on this day, but I'm not so you aren't going to get some sort of lovey dovey bullsh*t tribute to that special guy in my life. The following is my assessment of this pointless day.

Honoring St. Valentine? What exactly did he do? Nothing, I tell you. According to the Catholic encyclopedia it is more the fault of Chaucer and something he wrote, not anything that Valentine did. Plus, he was a priest - you know the profession known for romance. Ha.

An actual massacre occurred on this day. If this doesn't prove the bad aura surrounding this day, nothing will.

St. Patrick's Day? Now, that's a holiday. Valentine's Day? Not so much. Trust me, I worked in a card store for four years and the rumor that it is just a made up holiday is true. St. Patty's Day is a holiday meant to be enjoyed by everyone and it puts beer on the pedestal it deserves.

It's bad for you. All that candy just rots your teeth. Just think about the people alone on this holiday (ahem, for example, me), I will probably be buried under a moutain of tiny foil wrappers by midnight and not even know what happened.


Nalini Singh said...

Lol, Katie! That's too funny :) I too am a have-not and yet I still think it's all romantic. Am I sap? Probably. But I am a sap at peace with myself (and my stash of chocolate).

Lora Leigh said...

You are too funny. And I suggest death by chocolate, at least that was my approach this V-day.

Belle of Madison said...

Well I certainly hope you were covered in little foil wrappers. That's what the day is really about. :)