Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Night Adventures

(Names have been changed to protect the identity of the animal in question)
I have mentioned Jenny numerous times in this blog and this is a post about her. Friday night Jenny had had a few adult beverages and while she was on the phone with her mom, she noticed that her cat - let's call her Wrinka - was upset by another cat on the outside of one of her windows. Jenny attempted to pull Wrinka away from the window and during the ensuing scuffle, Jenny came away with a bite on her hand, claw marks on her arm, and several deep claw gouges in her foot. Apparently these wounds were quite painful and bothered Jenny for the next couple of days. Jenny awoke Sunday morning with a foot the approximate size of her face (according to her little sister) and decided medical attention may be in order. After an extremely short visit to the E.R. (haha), some pain meds, and i.v. antibiotics, she was on her way. Unfortunately, the infection seemed to worsen during the later hours today and we took a trip back to the E.R. It turns out that her foot would require more medical treatment and Jenny is spending the night in a five star hospital as we speak. She is expected to make a full recovery, but she will be missing a few days of work. The funniest part of the evening? Apparently people who are prone to falling are forced to wear a red bracelet and red socks to further ostracize them from the other patients and identify them as someone in need of mocking. Luckily, Jenny has avoided the red socks, but she has only been in the hospital for a few hours. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lesson to learn: never pull an angry cat away from a window without shoes on


Belle of Madison said...

Um, no offense to Jenny, but is this her first cat? Shoes or no shoes, leave angry cats alone!!!

Hope the foot gets better soon.

Peyton said...

I know I scoffed at the situation after it first happened, but it sounds quite serious. Please send Jenny our good wishes.

Gosh, that really sucks!

katie g. said...

In Jenny's defense, "Wrinka" has a history of destroying wooden windowsills with clawing while in similar situations and Jenny wanted to head off another home improvement project. I must say if the whole lawyer thing doesn't work out she would make a damn fine carpenter. ;)