Friday, April 13, 2007

It isn't true.

I got an email that was similar to what I am about to print, but I think some of us need a reminder.

No one in Nigeria, Iraq, North Korea, or other places around the world are going to give you money if you just send them a couple of grand to get the money out. There is no store of money with your name on it after helping such an honest person. This is a scam. Do not open these emails. Just delete

Bill Gates is not going to give you $249.56 for forwarding an email. If he was he wouldn't be a BILLIONAIRE. Unless you are applying to the Gates Foundation you will never see a penny of his money

You will not experience an ever increasing amount of bad luck if you don't forward a poem or chain email to people. Don't send me this sh*t or I will bring you some bad luck...

Basically, if there is some email, letter, phone call, or any other sort of communication that threatens you, promises you lots of money, or tries to get you to bother other people, then it's not true.

Okay, I feel better.

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