Friday, April 27, 2007

A monumentally bad way to wake up on a Friday morning

I was innocently laying in my bed around 7:10 am (asleep) when I was so rudely awakened by the hippies playing guitar upstairs. Listen, people. I have been extremely patient with them as of yet. Their late night games of four square (yes, you heard me right), the constant sounds of stampeding elephants when they go up and down the stairs (it's not just me, Sara thinks they're loud too), burning incense on the back porch and letting it drop down to my porch...the list goes on. But when you disturb my sleep on a Friday morning, there is just not much else that will make me more mad. In addition to this lovely way of getting up, I had to spend the next 20 minutes taking my own picture. I have to submit a picture to the paper for some feature and had to have it in by 10 and Sara is at work so she couldn't take my picture. Do you know what is more attractive than me, in the morning, on maybe four hours of sleep? The correct answer would be ANYTHING OR ANYBODY). After choosing the least rough/scary looking picture I went ahead and sent it. Now I am sitting on my couch blogging while I hear ominous rumblings from Teddy's stomach. This either means he is hungry or he is having some sort of intestinal distress. Dear Lord, let it be hunger pains.

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Belle of Madison said...

You have picture-posting capabilities and you didn't post the picture here?!