Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Television comes and goes...

But in the past few weeks, this is what I have added to the roster:

Tori and Dean: Inn Love
Sons of Hollywood- These two shows give me my Spelling fix. I love reality shows...that's not new, but these two give you a unique experience of watching a story from two different sides at practically the same time (you know, the whole Tori out of the will, Randy on his mom's side - drama ensues thing...).

Intervention-This one isn't new. I have enjoyed watching all about these people struggling with addiction and their crazy families and the f-up things they do.

CBS Monday Nights
How I Met Your Mother
The Class
Two and a Half Men
The New Adventures of Old Christine

- I have discussed a couple of these before...I think. I love HIMYM because these people are pretty close to my age and Barney is HI-larious...'High Five'
- The Class is one of those shows that SUCKED when it first came on, but after dedication it turned out to be one pretty good program. The storylines came together, some of the characters are hot...John Ritter's son is pretty cute, and the cliffhanger endings to each episode keep me coming back.

Just felt you needed a wrap-up to my viewing habits. Has something new caught your eye?


Roach said...

The Riches on FX is great. Eddie Izzard is hilarious and the kids are also great. There will be a marathon this friday so I say you should watch it if you get the chance.

Peyton said...

I haven't watched Tori's show. But I have watched the rest. The Monday Night lineup is "legendary"! Get it?

Lora_Leigh said...

I enjoy Desperate Housewives & The Bachelor. I don't watch many other tv shows. I am neither a housewife or a bachelor, but they are entertaining to me.

I'm currently trying to get out of the house more to learn how to be a better tennis player while the weather is nice and the days are long.