Sunday, April 08, 2007

Raise your hand

I want to know who's buying Clamato. Products come and go along the grocery store aisle and this 'juice' remains. I am strangely intrigued. I'm not planning on trying it, but I can't say I haven't thought about it. I like tomatoes, but I don't particularly like clams so I don't think I would like it. On the other hand, I like raw oysters and cocktail sauce and that is a similar blend of flavors. Hmmm. Anyone willing to try it and report back? I did check out the website ( and it seems that they are trying to market it as a delicious mixer for alcohol and I can get on board with that. Judgement officially on hold.

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K8E said...

I can't say I've bought this myself, but I do have a container of it in my pantry. Supposedly my mother was going to make some shrimp dish with it when she visited at Christmas, but that never happened. Then, I was supposed to get the recipe so I could make it myself, but that hasn't happened either. If I ever use it I'll let you know!