Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Shower/Bachelorette Party cont'd

The food looked fabulous, Jenny's house was immaculate, the champagne was chilled, and the presents were plentiful. All went well at the shower and it was a hit. I would give you the details, but you don't want to hear them. Let's move on to the after party...

There were jell-o shots, penis cake, battery operated boyfriends, outfits only the cheapest of hookers would wear (not actually worn, but given to the bride to be), and many, many, many drinks consumed. We started at Jenny's house (what a trooper! Shower and Bachelorette Party at her house in the same day!) toasted Claire, watched her open her presents, and generally celebrated "the penis" (that was what all the spoons, knives, cake and gifts were). We then moved the party to a local Mexican restaurant where I ordered the world's largest beer - I had them use the same glass they put their 64oz Margarita in. I had a nice little buzz going and the bride seemed to be feeling alright herself. Next on the trip was my apartment for a bathroom break and Peyton needed her inhaler (I dare you to provide a better example of us being old than that...) after this quick jaunt we headed to the Barking Kudu where Claire enjoyed a Blow-Job shot and many other drinks. From there we headed to another bar and it was after that that this party might have to head home. Not naming names, but a couple of us were no longer fit for public consumption, much less high heeled shoes. When you almost do a face-plant when standing still - it's time to head home. McDonald's fries, an oldies sing-along with the cabbie and some posing for pictures in the street (I mean on the street) capped off our evening. Good times had by all. I'm still tired.

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Whew, me too!