Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speaking of Comments

I have gotten word from several people that they are having trouble posting comments. I looked it up on blogger and it seems that people who haven't switched to the beta version may not be able to post a comment. Try posting as anonymous or other. BTW, Sarah - your comment has shown up, so whatever you did, do it again. I hope all of this gets sorted out because I like to read people's comments. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I've felt like I've been gaged and bound not being able to post comments....sure hope this goes through

`Avery's mom

Anonymous said...

now post about what the beta version is and how do I need to fix our problem?

is theme week back on too now that we can actually respond and its not really a lack of intrest?


Anonymous said...

ok, I'm just hooked on being anonymous and want to say ridiulous things like how I've always had a crush on you


katie g. said...

haha. I think I shall postpone theme week until next week, b/c I just have too much to say about the new job. We'll start fresh Sunday night!

p.s. awww, I've had a crush on you too. heehee

Anonymous said...

It WAS like being bound and gagged! I command that from this day forth, no child shall ever be sent to bed without comments. -Lydia

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear about the job! Switch to WORDPRESS!! What is up with this???

Hope it went well!! I've had some great couple of days myself...visit my bloggy to check it out!

Anonymous said...

the above is Lyda!