Friday, September 01, 2006

Gone to the Beach

Just a quick post before I leave from work straight to the Gulf. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day and the weather is good for most of you. I know some of my east coast friends have been inundated with rain from Ernesto (sorry guys, I used my influence with the Big Guy upstairs and prayed for it to go east). Take a deep breath and get some relaxation in because a lot of us have some big stuff coming up soon. Some people are having babies (Avery's mom, my friend Ashley), some people are starting new jobs (me!, Peyton!), some people are getting back into school (Claire, Jamie, Lyda - well, teaching at least) and the rest of us are gearing up for the busiest time of the year at work and at home (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). Take care,

katie g.


Avery's mom said...

Its like mary poppins....when the wind blows, times are a'changin

Belle of Madison said...

I hope to be joining one of those categories very soon (not the Christmas shopping one!!) but my lips are zipped for the time being.

katie g. said...

I'm intrigued.