Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let's conduct an experiment

Every weekend I swear that I am going to be low-key and just bum around. Every weekend I end up going out and being up late and feeling like the weekend lasted three minutes. Last weekend I had no plans and I ended up going out both nights and one of those evenings I didn't get home until 4 am. This weekend the only thing I have planned is a party at a friends house Saturday night. Let's see what will actually happen and I will report back Sunday night.


Peyton said...

I have been the same way lately. I have been so social with absolutely no effort. I am sort of glad winter is coming so that I have a really good reason to have low key weekends again.

This weekend, I am doing absolutely nothing and by nothing I mean cleaning.

K said...

A party at friend's house doesn't sound like nothing and could so easily turn into something. I look forward to seeing how badly you ingored your low-key intentions.

Sara G said...

I think there is a cow bell somewhere chanting..."Katie, Katie, Katie"