Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just a note

After watching the quality program Two-A-Days (on Mtv about Hoover HS football - located in a suburb of B'ham) and the "team chaplain" say a prayer over this PUBLIC school team, I would like to say:

God has better things to be worried about than football

Oh that's right, I said it.


Belle of Madison said...

I've always thought so, too.

Peyton said...

Good point, Katie.

I thought that it was against the law to pray in public schools... to me, it seems that it is forcing the team to participate because if you don't you will be ostracized.

Our country not only needs to uphold the seperation of church and state but also seperation of church and football.

katie g. said...

I was surprised when I saw them praying with the chaplain. I don't have a problem with praying, but I do when it is inextricably tied to a school organized and sanctioned event. Maybe they did it off campus grounds, but the point is still the same.

Lydia said...

I grew up in the south, and now I live in a Big Ten state, and I still don't get what the big deal is about football! Why do some women PRETEND to like it, come on, seriously ladies? There are way more important things we need to worry about, like shoes and purses!

Jenny said...

I am sure you know I am appalled by the school/prayer thing. But I must say, I love that chaplain. Never have I heard scripture used to shame people into winning. He might as well say, God won't love you if you lose to ____ team this weekend.