Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not bad

I had a low key weekend. Except...I stayed up REALLY late both nights and have ruined myself for waking up Monday. I had a nice dinner with a friend Friday night and proceeded to stay up until after 3 am because another friend came over and then I stayed up and read for while. I slept pretty much all day Saturday and went to dinner with Jenny and then we went to another friends house for a party. I still managed to stay up until 3 am, again. I slept really late today and I am planning on doing very little to top off my fairly low key weekend.

BTW, I had a very sad experience this weekend. I was listening to the classic rock station on Friday night and they played "Better Man" by Pearl Jam. WTF. This is a song from the mid-nineties and it has already made its way to classic rock? This made me feel quite old. I still protest the inclusion of the song on their play list, but it is still sad.

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