Monday, September 25, 2006

So much t.v, so little time

Every September I am pulled in many different directions. Why? It's the start of a new t.v. season and there are numerous shows that require my perusal and discerning taste to choose which shows to add to my tivo schedule. I have several shows that are conflicting with one another and I need to decide soon what I want to watch now and what I will watch during the summer. Do you realize the kind of planning it takes to establish a satisfactory viewing week? I know that many of you think that I watch too much television, but I really only stick with the stuff that ends up on the tivo (and some of that I don't even get to). Since purchasing my tivo, I find that my "mindless" t.v. watching has declined exponentially. That's right. I'm an efficient television watcher. Professional, even. I should market my skillz, bitches.


Sarah said...

Katie, you're my inspiration.

Anonymous said...

So what new shows are making the cut? Which ones do you have season passes to? I'm going to need a more detailed fall television post from a fellow professional television watcher! -Lydia

katie g. said...

As of right now (shows I have added to the roster, but am not willing to completely commit to):

Smith - starring my runner-up Simon Baker. Chances of becoming a regular (on a scale of ten): 8

Ugly Betty - buzz is good, haven't seen an episode yet. Chances: 7.5

The Class - first two episodes are just okay. Chances: 5

Brothers and Sisters - recorded on tivo, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Word of mouth chances: 7

Studio 60 - pretty good, kept me entertained for the first episode. Chances: 8

What about you, Lydia?

Peyton said...

The shows I watch are...

The Class- probably not a long-term committment

The Biggest Loser- definitely watching the entire season

Studio 60- not that impressed

New Adventures of Old Christine- much better this season, especially with Wanda Sykes having more air time

Two & a Half Men- so cute

How I met your mother- last season was cute... this season is a bit dramatic

Oh! And does anyone watch Weeds on Showtime? It is so good... it is my number 1 pick this season.