Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The drought is over!

I'm so glad that google finally figured this out. It's good to hear from my blogger friends! Things at work are good and I am settling into things. I realize that I am always loathe to celebrate good things or talk too much about them for fear that it will all go away. It almost feels like I am tempting fate by being happy. I am feeling alot better in general, but I don't like to talk about it (or write about it) because it seems like I am going to jinx everything. This is really weird because I don't believe that God would punish me like that, but there is that part of me that kind of does believe it. That's just me.

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Avery's mom said...

oh stop being shy. expressing yourself, your highs , your lows , your fears, and your joys...that's what blogging is for. and we as your listeners will stay hopefull with you.
just cause you're excited about something going well doesnt mean you have to clam up about it, or it'll end. I'ld never get out of bed in the morning if I thought like that ;)