Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ah. Technology

Blogger Beta Blows. From now on if I am intending on using this phrase it will be know as BBB. Ironically enough I was asked by my new boss to represent the library by attending computer classes (along with someone else) and bring the knowledge back with me and help my colleagues. I looked at the schedule for the once weekly, four hour classes and noticed that I may be a little over-prepared. Class 1? It includes important information like "starting your computer," and the ever difficult device called a "mouse." Once we tackle these things we move onto...wait for it...the KEYBOARD. I hope the computers we are provided have internet access and I can update the html on my blog. Technical enough? Oh, and by the way, BBB.

P.S. give commenting a try using your login. Apparently they (evil beta techs) are working on fixing this.


Anonymous said...

Avoid BBB by switching to Wordpress! I am telling you that you will not be sorry. It is great and easy and is never slow!!


Hope work is great. Send me an email with the details!! I talked to Alan the other day in Philly; he is doing well at his job but busy of course! And Matthew got a job in Rolla, Missouri!!!

It is great to be employed, ain't it??!!

Sarah said...

What a waste of time, going to class to learn about the mouse & the keyboard? Did you remind them that you're Gen Y?

I tried logging in but it didn't work.