Friday, June 16, 2006

Just ask

That is the phrase my father would always say to me when I wanted to know something or was confused about things. I have this to be true when referring to your bills and the companies you deal with. They want your business. They will try to keep you from leaving and will work with you to make you happy or at least happier. I called the cable company today and got a $30 reduction in my bill without really losing any of my services. I am quite proud of myself and I think I will apply this new attitude to other areas of my life. I encourage you to call a company you do business with and get them to cut you a deal. What's the worst they can say? No? It's not the first or last time you will hear that in your life.

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Avery's mom said...

I finally got you moved into my links list....took me forever but i got it done. I was getting tired of looking up old comments of yours to link from. you always post intresting things and my days get long so i enjoy checkin in on you.
so $30 off your cable? not bad!
how did you do it? You just asked if you could get some taken off your bill?
I would take it too far if they told me yes.
I would be like, "can I get you to write this into my contract so that everymonth I'm treated like a princess?"