Thursday, June 01, 2006

Are you new around here?

This is what I feel like saying to people that I see at work or just around town. It just seems like some people have just arrived on earth and have never seen how ANYTHING works. Examples?

My personal favorite is when people come to where I work and scan their cards to check in. Inevitably there are several people that put it under the scanner with the bar code facing AWAY from the scanner light. ugh. Have you ever been to a grocery store? Practically every consumer product has a scan bar and these people act like they are totally unfamiliar with our extremely high-tech, complex, self check-in system. Sometimes I just yank their keys out of their hands and scan it myself or politely inform them to flip the card over or let them know that our system does not recognize their library card or grocery store card. Go figure.

1 comment:

Avery's mom said...

quit paying so much attention to detail....the rest of the world is running around oblivious to barcode checkins......join the stupidity and relax

honestly stuff like that irritates the crud out of me too. I just have to laugh and pity those fools so it doesnt ruin my day